Conference Streams

Healthcare demand in the Asia Pacific is increasing rapidly, driven by population growth rates that are expected to outstrip those of other geographies, and an epidemiological shift from infectious diseases to a chronic disease pattern matching western markets.

The Leaders in Healthcare Conference at Asia Health is positioned as the gathering point for the healthcare industry. This conference will focus on the rising demand for access to quality and affordable healthcare in emerging markets.

Healthcare dealers and distributors will also benefit from the seminars discussing about doing and improving trade business in the region.



Key topics:
  • Governance in healthcare
  • New structures and roles for the future of healthcare
  • Closing the gap in healthcare leadership diversity
  • Hospital culture and system performance
  • Upgrading performance standards in the hospital
  • Updates in patient safety management
  • Future of medical technology
  • Patient-Centered Care: What its application status in Asia


Key topics:
  • Finding the right D&D to expand your network
  • Strategies to increase networks and customer base
  • Effective marketing strategies and social media to promote your company
  • Asia Pacific healthcare outlook: Industry trends and predictions
  • How to deliver better customer service
  • Understanding what your customers want
  • How to deal with healthcare professionals